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Monday, April 3rd, 2006
YA'LL BITCHES GOT PUNK'D! My ass ain't pregnant. It's possible for me to have had sex again but I didn't have sex. I'm still that same horny ho that you know and love. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!

-- Don't hate me too much. You know it was gooood. Ya'll shoulda realized though. Haha. I love you loads. I got my mom with the pregnancy gag too. She about dirtied her panties.

-- Also to ALEX: I love you SO much. Haha, all your emails really meant a lot. You were confused and didn't even know if it was real but you still tried to comfort me and told me how much you cared and everything. Which warmed my heart! It really did. I just hope you don't like hunt me down and decapitate my ass now. My head is too pretty for all of that. So.. ya better freeze it in a museum or something hot, if worse comes to worse.

Mego & Tessticles <33. Ya'll are too funny.

I totally feel like Lindsay Lohan right now. I'M NOT PREGNANT! GOSH! I DIDN'T FUCK JARED LETO! WITHOUT A CONDOM! .... uh, yeah.

In spite of not being pregnant. I could have got blown into Justin Timberlake's window last night. Which.. woulda been fine with me.. no but honestly, yesterday we got hit by another friggin tornado. Like 117.. I think it was, tornados touched down only THREE weeks ago. We were still recovering from that. Damage everywhere. This weather is freaky. Nineteen people died this time, apparently. So everyone who prays and believes in god. Ya'll should give a lil prayer to the families that have lost a loved one. My heart goes out to them. I know I would of died if something had happened to my baby boy or my mama.


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Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
..... Just found out i'm pregnant.
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Monday, February 13th, 2006
It's been a while...
and here I am! Wow, it feels like. . odd. Being here and like stuff.

but I said I was going to update and that was forever and a day ago. I figured it was time. Nothing fancy but whatever.

I don't even know what to say though. Um.. i'm sick. At the moment. Which is hella fun. Ya'll should go out and get sick right away. I highly recommend it.

-- Everything has been okay as of late, I suppose. Uh.. last month was my birthday. It's the very ass end of January. Literally.. the last day. I share it with a certain someone who i'm gonna marry in the very near future. Rofl. I haven't been that busy but i've been on the go a lot. Trying to live life. Last weekend I went to my Dad's house. I hadn't seen him since July. It was a total waste of time but these past couple of years.. that's what he's always been. A waste of time.

-- Since that particular confrontation, he pretends like nothing happened. So I just go along with it. I haven't seen my older brother since July.. still. He was supposed to go to my Dad's when I was there but didn't show up. He told me on the phone before that weekend.. when my dad told me to come over. He said for me to call him, so he knew I was there. He had some stuff to do but none of that was more important than seeing me. Well I left him a message and he called my dad back and talked to him, I guess.. but I haven't talked to him since then and he didn't show up last weekend. Clearly, i'm more important.

-- My baby boy is getting so big and he's talking a little bit now. His first word was Mama.. and he has a word that I can't quite make out but it refers to me and everyone knows it. Rofl. Asshole hates it because he refers to myself and my mother but hasn't said anything that refers to him yet. I love love love it, as you can imagine. Yeah, he's the best part of my life. He's the only person in the world that can make me smile or laugh no matter how i'm feeling. It's nice to have.

-- So yeah, beyond that.. I don't know. I can't believe it's been so long since i've updated. It seems like everyone just dropped off the face of the earth. Lol. Nobody is ever online anymore. From what i've seen.. and I made those journals for Alex and Manda and they haven't really used them. Lmao. I knew that was going to happen. Manda has used it more than Alex though. Makes sense. Oh.. I had a myspace. For like a day. Then I deleted it. I've hated those things since they became so popular.. I only gave in for all my friend's that have one.. but I couldn't deal with it. It was a big pain in the ass.. but I got it all pretty looking and didn't do anything else with it. Well one night I sign on and I have all these requests from guy's asking me to befriend them.. and i'm like... eehh, can't do this. Lmao. Sorry, Mego. I still love you.

I'm done now though. I said I wouldn't be long but I always say that.. there's the update! Praise it! Cherish it! Worship it! I'm gonna go work on pointless things now.

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
FINALLY! Lj gets more icons. Six is way better than three.. but unlimited is better than six. Rofl.

I'll update soon.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
alright. so two of my bestest friends, my sisters, decided to get LJs and both declared themselves journal retarded. in the sense of.. not knowing how to make their layouts hot. so I volunteered to do them. since they turned out so BLAZIN HOT! i'm gonna whore em out. here I go.. i'm bout to drop it like it's haawt. drop it like it's haawt...

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
close to the kill
so I talked to my mama earlier. she's feelin low and depressed. we're so much alike that it's almost scary but isn't because I love it. just sucks that we both tend to be alike in some not so great ways.

I swear i'm like two inches away from grabbing the nearest pen and ramming it into her "boyfriend's" neck, mcadams style. take my ass to jail.. just let me make sure his ass is dead first. there's no doubt that i'd sacrifice myself for my mom and little brother. i'm a good actress.. maybe I can get off on self defense. of course, i'd have to get rid of this entry before I do anything. can't have any evidence that's gonna say otherwise.

she's stuck in this position where she has to stay with him and she's gotten down because of it quite a few times not but for the most part, she's stuck it out. she's incredibly strong, she just doesn't realize it.. but after so long of putting up with his crusty ass. she just needs to lose it for a moment, I guess. much like myself in that sense.. it still kills me to hear the shit he says or does. I just love how he never does shit around me though. I always have to hear about it. I honestly wish he'd like flip out around me one day.. so I can snap. cause all it'd take would be for him to touch me or say one wrong thing to me.. and i'd fucking go ballistic. he may be a psycho.. but i'm sure I could give him a run for his money. with all the shit i've dealt with over the years. that i've kept to myself.. bottled up inside. OH HELL YEAH. he wouldn't be able to get out one sentence to me before either.. his cock was removed.. his head was bashed against the wall... or something pointy was straight up jacked into his eye socket. I may be sweet but for my family. i'd do anything imaginable and beyond for my family. or maybe not so much my family as my whole world.. which are those two people. my mama and my baby boy.

I just wish something could move the process along.. so that she could get what she needs to get and then get the hell up outta there. then maybe have even the slightest bit of happiness in her life.. without a fuck head like him ruining it for her. maybe i'll rob a bank.. with my hot girlfriends. meg, tessa, jess, alex, manda! lmao.. grab the smallest shirt you can find. we're robbin these bitches cleavage style.

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Friday, November 25th, 2005
smokin that la la
um.. random entry. I don't want it to be long though. so i'll try not to talk for an hour.

i'll just talk about yesterday. as most know it was thanksgiving.. um.. it was decent? could of been better, could of been a lot worse. i'm not a big holiday person really.. they're just days to me. I used to like them cause I got presents but I don't really want anything now.. I have everything I need. my mom.. my little brother. the real friends and family, that I have. so i'm good.

basically I just went place to place to place. so I didn't get to enjoy the meaning of thanksgiving.. which is.. eat til you wanna throw up. haha. which is good.. but I didn't get what I wanted! haha. after I just said I didn't want anything.. no but I mean like.. food wise. so yeah.. the only part I really enjoyed was after I left the first place.. the rest of the places I went to, I went with my mom and peanut. so that was the best part about it. seeing him two days in a row. I babysat the day before.

sucky part.. not seeing my older brother. not even talking to him. my father too. even though i'm not exactly sad about that part but for some reason I thought josh would call me. how stupid..

that and seeing my uncle and aunt and two of my cousins whom I haven't really seen in a long ass time.. and having it be totally awkward and barely talking or looking at each other.. as well as a few other family members I used to see all the time growing up and used to be close too. I hate that, dude.

beyond that.. everything was good. til it came to an end.. for me. the festivities were still goin down at my house.. there were a shit load of people here. I started having a minor anxiety attack. I had to fixate on my little brother to get over it.. but when I knew my mom was about to leave. the emotions kicked in. as i've said i've been really emotional lately.. but I realized that everytime I spend time with my mom and brandon.. once it's over or when I know it's about to be over.. I get this EXTREMELY intense homesick feeling and that triggers all those other emotions.. and I just wanna cry and cry.. so I had to battle that last night. so I only stuck around downstairs for a few minutes after my mom left before I went upstairs.. cause I almost lost the fight a few times.. and I knew I was going to lose eventually. so I went to sleep at 7 o'clock... thinking that i'd win, if I did so.. but 5 am in the morning.. when I wake up and can't go back to sleep.. i'm stuck thinking about shit.. and damn it.. I lost. sneaky little bastards, those emotions..

but enough about me...

[ I've edited this entry like a million times now. First this was under a cut. Lmao. Since I can only link the thumbnail, I don't see the point of it.. but anyway FOR MEGO ]

It's HQ.. SO LET ALL OF IT LOAD. The lower region is the best part.


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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
whatever, dude..
so blah.. made a few minor changes in my journal. like the top and userinfo page. looks best on AOL .. but I look at it on explorer first. so the image loads properly and isn't all blurry and gross.. then it stays that way on AOL. as long as it was completely done loading on explorer. i'm not using this as a media journal.. only personal. I have too much shit going on. so there's no point.

regarding my last entry.. everything I said still stands, pretty much. it isn't as intense as it was at that moment in time.. i'm less hardcore evil.. slit your throat.. psycho person. haha.. maybe. I guess i'm back to the blocking thing but not really.. not like before. the feelings are still there, i'm just getting a little better at ignoring them. by keeping myself busy and thinking about whatever I can.. even though it's hard to focus. penis works a lil bit..

as to those "particular few" .. there weren't few. it was one person. for some reason.. no matter how pissed I was.. I didn't want to single anyone out and hurt them.. even though they continue to fuck me over.. but it's whatever. you probably know who you are.. so if you're reading this. I won't go as far as to say.. " go fuck yourself " or anything.. but you can believe i'm done with all bullshit. it's amazing how you think you know someone and they turn out to be someone else entirely. whom of which, you do not like.. but it's all good. i'm quite used to it.. so i've learned how to deal. it's just a bit harder than usual.. because I was depending and fixating on that person so much. in the sense of counting on them.. and them only. stupid on my part..

um.. right now i'm gonna go work on something. I don't know when i'll post again.. i'm so fucking BLAH. it's annoying as hell. still gotta get my website up.. but that's about a joke. now kia knows why I avoided it for so long.

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Saturday, November 19th, 2005
sick of it all....
alright.. so lately i've been in this huge slump. like I went back to being the old me, or something. i'm always emotionally drained.. I wanna cry over everything and nothing at all. now I don't only want to.. I do. if it isn't one thing it's another.. i'm back to those thoughts of.. wanting to give up. i'm so frustrated and confused and blank and disconnected.. so many things.

I could sit here and list off emotion after emotion after emotion.. all of which i've been feeling and trust me when I say they aren't a good combination. they don't blend well together. i've said it a million times before.. i'm always fake. like these feelings are always there.. they've always been there but I had gotten so good at pushing them down.. blocking them out and ignoring them. trying not to acknowledge their existence. now.. they surface more than they don't.

and I feel so so so stupid because i'm also getting into this mode of.. I don't deserve anything I have.. i'm so stupid for being depressed.. i'm such a pathetic whiney person.. other people have it so much worse than me.. yet i'm crying and complaining and feeling sorry for myself and feeling like I wanna give up..

which has happened before too.. but it's so OLD. so tired.. i'm so sick of it all. I just wanna be happy and I want things to good.. for more than a few minutes before it all goes to shit and everything is ten times worse than what it was.. right before it got good.. and all the times that i've done this.. my mom.. and everyone else is just " it'll get better. it's going to get better. it gets worse before it gets better. " .. well how many times do you have to say that before you believe it.. because I just don't see it happening..

i'm so fucking tired of being emotional.. of letting people see how truely incredibly weak I am.. because it's true. i'm not strong. not in the least. I may put up a good front.. but it's so fake, dude. it's so fucking fake.. and i'm tired of being that artificial wrapper to this person who I don't even know.. that's always hurting and crying and feeling bad.. and wishing things were better.. I just honestly wish I could end it all and once I did.. everyone I love would be a million times happier.. and everything would go good for them from then on..

GOD! I don't know what to do.. I don't know what to say.. i'm just tired..

my mother is my everything. she gave me a life.. and then she's saved my life. more than once.. and then my little brother.. before he was born.. I heard those people that were having babies.. oh it's this amazing thing.. and I never understood it.. because I never experienced it.. then he was born.. and it all made sense.. I had never felt anything so intense in my entire life.. the feeling that I got when he came into my life.. completely surpassed and went beyond all the pain that i've ever felt.. along with my mom, he became priority one.. and right now.. I feel like this huge burden to both of them.. like some kind of virus or curse that they have no choice over.. they basically have to put up with me.. because unlike my father.. they couldn't go on and just forget about me and feel okay about it.. sometimes I wish they could..

I don't even know what i'm saying.. I just keep going back to the same thing.. tired.. confused.. frustrated.. falling apart.. getting weaker by the minute.. just crumbling at a rapid speed. all drama queen aside.. that's honestly how I feel.. except that doesn't even explain the half of it..

so I don't know where i'm gonna go from here.. I don't know what i'm supposed to do. if it isn't one thing.. it's another.. but i'm done talking about it and i'm done going into it.. because it isn't gonna help or make the situation better. I thought maybe it would but it isn't.. and it isn't going to.. obviously..

to whoever reads this.. pay no fucking mind. especially the particular few that know they don't fucking give a damn.. you can save that for someone else because if I have to hear from you.. or see you or what the fuck ever.. it'll just make things worse because then i'm gonna say shit I don't feel like saying and end up loving myself that much more
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Monday, November 7th, 2005
oh.. and on another note
ignoring all of the lovely family ... love. lmfao. whatever..

um I went over to drew's earlier tonight. except it was more like yesterday.. now that I look at the clock. I was like two seconds away from throwing him on the couch and ripping off his clothes and riding him til christmas.. I hate how he's so beautiful to me. lmfao. plus he was dressed like a boy.. and smelled like a boy... DAMN BOYS!

he probably did it on purpose.. he was wearing a baseball cap. which is always.. but combined with those basketball shorts! and then he was wearing the cologne that drives me insane because it smells so good with his body heat.. lmfao. the iicing on the cake was the whitebeater. [ I don't like the real term for it. lmao. ]

I just thought i'd share how horny and desperate I sound.. because it's always fun to look pathetic, ya know? I hadn't seen him for a while though.. and when I called my brother that night.. he was about to bowl. he was going to sub for someone and I guess drew was there.. so he found out that it was me on the phone.. and that we were arguing... so he knew I was upset.. and he called me and so i've been going over there... it's just me torturing myself.. but it's nice to have someone you can be comfortable around and not care.. and the torture is like.. good torture.. like when people inflict pain on themselves and their partners during sex and totally orgasm from it.. or something. lmfao.. not really.. it's just the same thing that is driving me crazy about him.. are the same things I like.. which is why.. they drive me crazy.. cause I can't have him.. or I can.. but I won't.. but being around him is a piece of having.. him.. okay i'm.. making no sense at all.... lmfao. yay for headaches..

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ummm.. so
blah. so I haven't really updated cause i've been avoiding it. mainly just because I didn't wanna talk about/relive what i'm going to .. talk about and.. relive. plus i've been kinda busy and elsewhere lately. I don't know.. it's odd.. but i'll just jump right into it.

um.. last wednesday. was kind of messed up.. or really messed up. I don't know. it started out being a good day. I spent it with my mama and grandma and my little brother. we visited a couple people and went a few places.. then went grocery shopping and stuff because I was seriously lacking in food. we do it every month. so that was cool.. just being with them. plus the more I see Brandon.. the less of a chance there is of him not knowing who the hell I am.. lol.

anyway... for some reason, I decided I was going to call my dad.. because i'm a moron. I had actually said I was going to do it the week before.. but I didn't and I suddenly thought about it randomly.. and I was like.. okay I gotta do it. I was in a decent mood.. the day had gone well.. and if I kept waiting.. it'd just get harder and harder and the more i'd resist. so I did.. and well.. that's when everything went to shits.

he basically told me what I had suspected.. which was i'm a big disappointment. that I didn't turn out the way he wanted me to.. he blamed me for the things that had went wrong in his life these past years.. ever since I moved out.. he turned the tables on my completely and told ME.. that HE felt he wasn't good enough for me.. that I betrayed him and hurt him... then he blamed everything that was fucked up with me.. on my mother.. said that she never needed me.. etc etc etc... then he said he was done with trying to.. I guess get me to move in with him, that was basically what everything came down to.. I didn't understand why I had to live with him for him to be in my life.. I guess he wanted to collect whatever it was.. he'd get to collect.. if I were with him.. I don't know.. he wanted control over me.. he said that if I had stayed with him I would be so much happier... that he was going to move on.. and he wasn't going to worry about me anymore.. that he would not call me..

literally.. everything that I thought. he came at me with the completely opposite and everything was about him.. it couldn't be about me. it was all about him. I came at him with a lot of valid points that he couldn't argue.. so instead he just told me I was wrong, even though he couldn't argue them. he just said i'm wrong and that I don't understand but that one day I would.. and that's bullshit. the only good thing that came with this.. was that I said pretty much everything I wanted to say. I could of said more but I knew if I did.. I would of sounded hateful and it would of gotten really nasty and I didn't want to go there.

and in spite of everything that he said.. " i'm not going to call you.. but I love you and whenever you need something i'll be there for you. "

this makes a lot of sense, right? perfect.. crystal clear sense.. I just love how it's so clear..

no but seriously.. he clearly takes me for a complete moron.. I don't know where to go from here. i've talked to a few people.. the only one left to talk to is my aunt. then i'll probably figure it out.

to make it worse on myself though.. as soon as I hung up from him. I called my brother and flipped out on him because I was so worked up and frustrated.. my dad has got him so brain washed with anything that concerns my mother. both of them just blame her for all this shit and stuff.. and I tried to tell them that she has been the only one there for me.. she's saved my life. she was the only thing that was even keeping me alive.. but it was like.. so pointless. it's really sad when it comes to my brother.. because it's like my dad erased everything my mom has done for him.. which was a lot and replaced the voids with bullshit. I can't be all.. what the fuck ever or tell him to go to hell.. because it's like.. whatever is going on between my dad and I.. that's between us.. same goes for them two..

beyond that.. he just kept coming at me with how he doesn't want me to turn out like him and he wants a better life for me and all this.. and I understand that. I appreciate that... but it's like... you just gotta let me handle it, ya know? he didn't make it all about him, like my dad.. josh and I have always been closer than my dad and I ever were.. I truely love my brother.. but after that conversation.. it just tells me he's as messed up as I am.. if not worse. he doesn't like himself.. but even though he has all this crap towards my mom, he knows that both of our parents.. fucked us up. lol. that's actually a good thing.. but really sad at the same time.

my dad is the type of person that thinks.. as long as you're there.. and with him.. that everything is fine.. even if you may be dying on the inside. as long as you're there.. you don't have to talk.. you just gotta be somewhere in the same fucking house. it's ridiculous.. and he just tells me.. that oh.. I would of been so happy.. and that I was happy when I was there.. why I walked away from that.. he's so blind. what proves it! is the fact that haley.. his girlfriend's daughter.. one of his new children. she's fucking thirteen years old.. well she answered the phone and immediately starts telling me all the shit she's been doing.. literally! right off the bat...

supposedly.. she's been smoking weed with these kids.. and her brother who's like.. eleven or twelve.. maybe even ten.. but i'm thinking eleven or twelve.. and I guess she was dating a nineteen year old.. but he lied and said he was fifteen, I guess.. and when everyone found out.. my dad and someone else.. maybe my brother.. beat him up with a baseball bat... and that she's a slut.. she kept calling herself a slut and that she can't help it.. and she's like I hang out with the wrong people.. and i'm like.. uhh.. well stop? and she's like.. I CAN'T.. I'M ADDICTED.. I NEED HELP.. and i'm like... so tell your mom? I CAN'T.. I'M ADDICTED.. G OSH I'M SO MESSED UP... the girl like has no brain.. but i'm sure in my dad's eyes.. everything is okie dokie with her.. he doesn't even realize.. so that tells you right there.. he's blind. it's like.. she has the movie thirteen and she just thought it was so cool.. in spite of the message it was supposed to send to people.. and she wants to do everything nikki and evan's character's are doing...

oh.. and my dog is also gone. I don't know believe i'll see her again.. and I don't know if someone has her.. if she's safe and being loved.. or if she's dead. so I haven't really taken anything in yet.. or felt any kind of emotion. it's been a few weeks now.. and I made flyers which my mom put up.. they had people looking.. I talked to a friend of mine that lives over there.. had her looking.. but nothing. i've had her since I was like twelve or.. somewhere around there. she's always been my mom's dog more than anything.. but she was still my dog too... she was supposed to be a family dog but considering my family was never a family... yaaa knoooww...

anyway... done talking now..

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
and now for...
THE PICTURES! are here. rofl. I couldn't post them earlier, I had to jet.. but after taking forever to upload them all. Here they are. I thought about splitting this post in two as well but oh well.. it'll suck for dial up users like myself.. but won't effect the dsl users in the least. I guess it just depends on how badly you want to see them.

First we have the episode stills.. the first ones with all the costumes are from this week's episode. Actually.. from today's episode. Since it's after midnight.. it will be on tonight! Woo. Mr. Lafferty will also be on TRL today. So that should be fun. Hopefully i'll be awake and I remember. Lmao. The other stills are from episode 5, which is next week's episode. Look who's back! and the last picture is rachel, the new bitch. played by daneel harris. I don't know which episode this is from.

it's keller time ya'llCollapse )

and now for the promotional images. The first three are actually new.. the rest are from last season. They're still new however, as i've already mentioned. They didn't release these particular poses until just recently.. which makes them new. As soon as I get more, i'll definitely post.. BUT it might not be on here. Cause... i'm in the process of creating a TREE HILL FANSITE! WOO! lmfao. I have my own space now. So hopefully i'll have it up really soon.. and I won't have to focus my entire journal around the show. Not that I mind.. lmao.

yes sophia, I will marry youCollapse )

More images are in previous posts. That's all I have for right now. I don't know when i'll update again.. I may keep it up regularly or I may just wait until the new fansite is up and move all the new stuff there.

OH I do have a non photography related type one tree hill thingy though. lmao. Mark Schwan[the creator] and James were on TheWB.com today. They answered a few questions on the message board. Not mine.. but oh well. Haha. I really wanted to know if Taylor was going to be back, damn it! I didn't get all of their posts.. they were having some problems with their internet/computer. James didn't make very many posts. He had to return to shooting. Here is what I did get though.

Post from James:

envk07teen asked me..... I know your extremely busy with the show, any chance you'll be doing a movie in the near future?

I'm gonna do Schwahn's zombie movie he's been talkin about, it's an awesome story, I'm hyped about it so hopefully we'll get it off the ground someday. Also there's an incredible basketball story I'm trying to develop as well, it's sort of like a modern day Hoosiers. Who knows when all this will happen, I'd love it to be soon though!

JeffLover asked.... I heard that you are going to be on TRL tommorrow. OMG! My friends and I are so excited! We're going to be there to cheer you on! Hey, can you come down and sign some pictures for us and take me up to the studio with you?

Haha, I appreciate the support first and foremost! I am going to be on TRL tommorrow, so of course I'll sign autographs out there for people that show up, maybe I'll be able to bring someone up to, who knows if they'll let me???


[ Aww, He types like me. Lmfao. I find it somewhat pathetic that the majority of females that posted questions included " OMG U R SO HOTT ". I mean.. at least reword it, so that it sounds as if you have some intelligence.. and aren't some horny fool, that wants to jump on his jock. Not to mention in their Location section they have " James' Bedroom " Yes.. that shall make him feel comfortable. Lmao. ]


Post from Mark:

naley4lyfe asks...
Mark: do you ever incorporate storylines or ideas from what your viewers say about the show?

Honestly? Not really. That doesn’t mean I’m not listening. But we’re so far ahead in production, that I can’t really switch gears even if the fans are disappointed. For instance, we’ve already broken episodes 1 – 16, and you’ve only seen 1 – 3.

OneTrueFan asks..._Mark: Did you know going into season one that Hilarie and Bryan would have such great chemistry? Also did you think that their characters would create a fan base?

Yes. And yes. And for all the people that want Jake back, so do I. If you boycott his movie, he’ll have to come back. (Just kidding – please go see PRIME. B.G. deserves it.) And Hilarie is a treasure. She pretends to be in love (off camera) but I think she’s into me (JK)

Kilwagg asks..._Mark: I heard that last season you knew what you wanted the final scene to be very early on. Do you have an idea for the end of S3? Care to give us any hints?__

Yes, I know what the final episode is going to be this season (and I think you’re going to LOVE IT), but I don’t always know how we’re going to get there. I also have much of season four worked out so hopefully the ratings ill improve… Finally, I do know what the finale scene of the entire series is going to be – hopefully we won’t see that for a while. Hopefully.

Marap asks..._Mark: Where was Haley over the summer? We know she moved in with Brooke at the end of the summer, but where was she for the rest of the summer, while Nathan was at High Flyers?

We had a scene where Lucas told Karen that Haley spent the summer with her parents in their RV, traveling America and doing weird things with Jimmy and Lydia. It was cut from the premiere.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
here we go!
okay.. so big update. for one tree hill. yaaa knooow how I be lovin me some one tree hill. dayum juelz santana is fine. anyhoo.. lmao, um.. i'm going to make two posts. this one will be all news and interviews or whatever. articles and stuff. the next one will be photos. I FINALLY GOT SOME PROMOS! it's messed up cause the new ones are so plain.. and the rest of them are from last season. they're releasing them for this season. it's messed up! i'm tellin ya. cause they're not the same ones. different poses and all.

moving right along though.. first off.. I just gotta say.. the show hasn't been doing so well in ratings! and it's pissing me off! this show is so much better than some of the other shit they got playin on the television. all the fans need to recruit or somethin.. I don't know. they aren't real real low.. to the point of the show will be getting cancelled.. but it's getting beat by like everything else on wednesday night.

beyond that.. here we go

we're gonna start off with the release of supercross. sophia's movie that didn't do so well at the box office. I haven't seen it yet, so i'll definitely be checkin that out. how can I not? it comes out on my birthday.. plus sophia AND my husband channing are in it.

it's sooo superCollapse )

alright.. now news that's REALLY about the show. it's kind of spoilerish.. info about november sweeps. so if you don't want anything to be spoiled.. don't read it.

Dan is an assCollapse )

the rest of these are about sophia and chad. my heart goes out to her right now. I wish her all the best and I know she'll get through it. she's strong.

The Fate of OTH, The Truth & Chad Begging for a 2nd chanceCollapse )

IN OTHER NEWS: House of Wax is out today. Starring Slut Boy and The Walking Vagina. I mean.. Chad Michael Murray, Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki & Robert Ri'chard.

Next Post - OTH Season 3 Promos & Episode 4 & 5 Stills.

Yes, I have pictures of the boys in their halloween costumes.

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
TIME! really seems to be an issue as of late. lmao. kinda sucks.. i've had one tree hill pictures on my computer for like weeks now but I had to delete some of them because they were for last week's episode.. and since it's past now. no point in posting. so i'll post what I do have that haven't been aired yet.. that were sitting along with them. they're for next week's halloween episode. i'll try to find more and post them later. I only have the girl's right now.. and mouth. as well as a new season three ad and an article of sophia and chad. about their split.

i've heard a couple versions of what happened. he cheated on her with paris hilton when he was in austrailia shooting house of wax... that he just cheats on her all the time.. that sophia got too close to jesse metcalf on the set of john tucker must die. it's all craziness.. I don't doubt that sophia got tight with him because she did with brittany snow too.. but I highly doubt she'd ever cheat on chad. so if that's the reason.. he has jealousy issues.

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these photos were orignally bigger and I shrunk them way small.. I figured that'd be unfair though. so I made them like half the size they were. i'm pretty sure daneel is introduced in this episode. not completely certain though. i'll check up on it. if she does.. I hope that means mekia is introduced as well but if not, it'll be the week after. hopefully. as for the boys.. lucas is dressed as some biker lookin dude. his wig is disgusting.. and nathan is batman. except like.. sad.. batman. lmao.

promos for next weeks episodeCollapse )

I have NO idea why they haven't released the new promotional images yet.. but all the shows seem to be taking a long ass time. they haven't even released the reunion, unless i'm just slow.. I know they released some for the o.c... but not so much any other shows. it's kinda pissin me off! the only one I do have is of hilarie.. and it's from last season.. it's just a different pose.

season three ad & promo of hil and chadCollapse )

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
Here we go
Alright, just wanted to holla right quick and say that i'm back. Sort of, kind of. Haha. I'm super busy with a bunch of other projects but I am back. I guess i'm not so sick anymore.. only have a minor cough. It sounds pretty nasty though. I can't really post much of anything right now because my connection is actin' a fool. Not sure as to why.. but I do have things to post! So I shall do that later. Mainly just One Tree Hill related things. It's just hard to upload because it takes forever and i'm lacking time, usually. I had planned on posting some stuff on Pornstar too but I don't even know if that's still alive. I'll find out later.. so all I have for now is....

My Playlist

1. Lauryn Hill - To Zion
2. Trina & Kelly Rowland - Here we go
3. Kelis - The Whisper Song [Female Version]
4. Citizen Cope - Sun's Gonna Rise
5. Teairra Mari - Make Her Feel Good
6. Chris Brown - Run it
7. Mandy Moore - Have a little Faith
8. Kanye & Jamie Foxx - Gold Digga
9. Akon & Styles P - Locked up
10. Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend
11. Lauryn Hill - When it hurts so bad
12. Lauryn Hill ft Mary J. Blige - I used to love him
13. Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
14. Pretty Ricky - Your Body
15. Ray J - One Wish
16. Ray J - Formal Invite

and My Video of the Moment is a tye between

Bow Wow & Ciara - Like you
Black Eyed Peas - Humps


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Monday, October 10th, 2005
Returning Soon

This sucks! I'm not gonna be able to update for a little while. Not like a long time but any time is too much time for me. Considering I just started this. I'm really sick though. It started yesterday.. I ignored it. Assuming it'd be gone by today but i'm worse. My throat is swollen and I can't talk or be on my feet too long without feeling like i'm gonna pass out. Plus i'm outta allergy meds, so they're acting like a whore. So I will be absent for a while. Doctor tomorrow. Yay me. It's been going around here like crazy though. It started with my roommate Tonya.. then me, Becky, Dawn and back to me again. Cept way worse than before and Dawn is still sick also. I keep getting told it'll be a while before i'm feeling better and it's going to get worse before it gets better anyhow.... but I shall return as soon as possible!

Shit.. I remembered I had this and had to come back.
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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
Season Premiere of OTH: Tonight @ 8 on The WB
I thought my first post would be better than this one. I also thought the journal would be completely done. . but I thought wrong. Lol. It's okay though. I'll do more later and get crackin on the information aspects. . as well as the graphical aspects. Yaaay.

Right now i'm just gonna post some stuff for One Tree Hill. Kind of like in honor of the season premiere that's airing tonight. I know, i'm lame.. but it's my all time favorite show. What do ya expect!

First up are my new promotional images. I've had them on my computer for a while now but I was waiting for the new journal. Haha. I'll end up having lots more as the episodes get rolling and The WB starts releasing the new promotion campaign. I personally can't wait!

I think Hilarie's new hair makes her look gorgeous and mature.. but i'm gonna miss the curls! I love Bethany and Sophia's hair too.
Solo Images minus SophiaCollapse )

The first two are the newly collected. The others I posted on my old journal a while back.
New & Older Promo StillsCollapse )

This is the new Bitch in town. She doesn't look bitchy.. but looks can be deceiving.
One of the New Girls: RachelCollapse )

Prime is Bryan's new movie that'll be out soon. I forget the exact release date. The movie looks really good.. I finally seen a preview on t.v. the other day. I was kinda wigged at the fact that he was with Uma Thurman. I love her but.. not with him. Lmao. These caps are hot though. Steamy even.
Prime CapsCollapse )

It's not like anyone knows this journal exists yet.. but enjoy! Lmao.

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